Beyond the Specialists

Wide-spreading scientific acquisitions also among the non-specialists is one of the finalities of PLATINUM: illustrating our work to a various public means sensitizing and stimulating to the cultural opening and to the problematization of cultural matters.

PLATINUM takes a challenge, and meets students from primary and secondary schools, illustrating the history of Latin texts and the circulation of the language in itself; but it also meets all the curious who wish to understand what can be found behind a Latin text, behind its language and behinds its tradition. And, above all, PLATINUM wants to make people understand that the research in the field of classical philology is still alive, and necessary.

INFORMATION DAY (Naples, 22nd June 2017)

Maria Chiara Scappaticcio, best practice ERC

FUTURO REMOTO (Naples, 27th May 2017)

ERC WEEK AND BEYOND (Naples, 6th April 2017)Interview with Maria Chiara Scappaticcio


FUTURO REMOTO (Naples, 7th-9th October 2016)


CONFERENCE (Naples, 8th April 2016)
convitto paoliConference
 Convitto Nazionale ‘Vittorio Emanuele II’
Maria Chiara Scappaticcio, Latino d’Oriente: il contributo dei papiri alla storia multilingue e multiculturale del Mediterraneo antico

FUTURO REMOTO (Naples, 16th-19th October 2015)FuturoRemoto-744x445Conference
16th October, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici
Maria Chiara Scappaticcio, Latino e papiri. Sondaggi del Multiculturalismo e del Multilinguismo del Mediterraneo antico

16th and 17th October, Piazza del Plebiscito
Leggere papiri latini: laboratorio di lettura di testi antichi
Puzzle e papiri: giocare con le immagini per ricostruire testi



Maria Chiara Scappaticcio, Contribution and presentation of the guidelines of PLATINUM