‘Opificio di Lingua e Letteratura Latina’

The strong point of PLATINUM, “Opificio di Lingua e Letteratura Latina“, is an opportunity for meeting and training on a monthly cadency. In their different ‘form’ all meetings of Opificio are focused on the only theme of the Latin texts transmitted on papyrus.

The Opificio has quadripartite structure.

“I Seminari dell’Opificio“ are an opportunity for a scholar to submit a specific search, while “I Dialoghi dell’Opificio” compare two or more scholars on the same theme. Differently the “Ateliers dell’Opificio“ are cycles of lectures by two specialists on a theme established with the purpose of being a learning experience for the public. Moreover the Ateliers are open or closed by a lectio magistralis of a illustrious scholar and with consolidated experience in the field of the studies subject of the lectures’ series.

Finally, also the PLATINUM’s younger staff has the opportunity to learn and grow through the scientific debate: the “Works in Progress“ are moments for the younger scholars to discuss with each other about their own ongoing research.